Redwoods’ heartwood is a beautiful reddish brown. The heartwood from old growth is much darker and somewhat denser than the heart wood fromsecond growth. The sapwood of both is a creamy white to light tan. Second growth redwood has much more sapwood than old growth logs. Redwoods sometimes have curly, quilted, burly or lace figure.

Redwood is considered a lightweight wood that is easy to work with. It is a very stable wood that resists shrinking and warping. It is best known for its high decay and pest resistance. It should be noted that the decay resistance of old growth is much better than second growth redwood lumber and the sapwood of both has no decay resistance.

Redwood is best known for its use as an external construction wood for both residences and commercial buildings, decks, hot tubs,etc. Large pieces are often used for conference tables etc.